JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC is in the business of helping physicians, hospitals and health systems succeed.

JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC helps physician groups operate their businesses in order to improve efficiency and increase profitability.

Physician Operations Improvement

Since its founding, JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC has set out to assist provider organizations and health systems improve their operations, market position, financial results, and successfully navigate and implement industry reforms.

We do this by providing our clients with clear analysis and sophisticated improvement management tools focused on:

We also use our proprietary Target Operating Model (TOM), which provides a management framework for the restructuring processes, focusing on operations and clinical process improvement, technology integration, redesigning the staffing model, aligning physician incentives and implementing performance metric dashboards.

The “Blitz” Assessment

Operations improvement is often preceded by the “Blitz” assessment—a one week, enterprise-wide comprehensive review designed to identify and quantify issues/opportunities related to the organization. (See Rapid Enterprise Assessment page for details.)

Key to the speed and comprehensiveness of the “Blitz” is the use of the Accountable Analytics “Data Cube” tool. (See Data Cube illustration.)

Optimization Campaign Plan

Working with group management, we also develop an “Optimization Campaign Plan” which includes the roles of practice administrators and medical directors, training, reinforcing policies, routine monitoring, and redefining the roles of staff. (See EHR Optimization page for details.)

Revenue Improvement

Additionally, we provide a focused assessment of all aspects of a practice’s revenue cycle functions geared toward improving revenue while identifying cost containment or reduction opportunities. (See Revenue Cycle Improvement page for details.)

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To learn more about JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC, call us at (972) 220-0474, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm (CST), or use our secure online request form to send us an email directly.

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